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The 5 Best Used Electric Vehicles in Canada

You aren’t alone if you are feeling the pinch financially these days. As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, now we have to deal with a struggling economy. Groceries, mortgage rates and insane gas prices have us all wincing and trying our best to keep afloat.

There’s no question that driving an electric vehicle is a great way to save on costly trips to the pump. Yes, the initial cost of a new EV can be pricey, but electric vehicles have been around long enough that you should have no problem finding a hidden gem in the used market.

Let’s look at 5 of the best used electric vehicles in the market.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt is an excellent choice for used EV buyers with great battery range and an affordable price. This 5-seater hatchback can go over 400 km on a full charge and is zippy with a 200-horsepower electric engine. A surprisingly roomy interior comes standard with a 10.2-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and many other cool features. 

Recent and ongoing battery issues are the things to look out for on a used Bolt EV. Make sure the used Chevy Bolt EV you are looking at comes with the required replacement battery module, which restricts the charge level to 80% and its range to a maximum of 334 kilometres.

Hyundai Kona EV

If you are looking for fun, peppy and versatile, the Hyundai Kona EV should be at the top of your used search list. With impressive range and horsepower for its size, the Kona EV is one of the most desired electric vehicles on the market. Like the Bolt, it can take you over 400km on a full charge and with a handy regenerative braking system, you can add kilometres to your drive with a touch of your finger on the paddle conveniently located on the steering wheel. The modern interior comes complete with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a wireless charging pad and an impressive 6 or 8-speaker audio system. 

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a great option for families, short-range commutes or as a do-it-all hatchback. Scored high for reliability and build quality, this cost-effective, semi-small hatchback has a strong standard driver-assist system and many features that make your commute easy and enjoyable. Models before 2020 have a 28kWh battery pack and can go 274 kilometres on a single charge. Newer models have a larger battery and increased range and traction motor output. With the high demand for more recent models, it’s one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the pre-owned market. 

Tesla Model 3 

It’s hard not to see a Tesla Model 3 anywhere these days. There are many reasons why buying a used Tesla Model 3 is a great idea. First off, if you go to Tesla’s website and try to buy a new one, you’ll find that wait times can go well into 2023. Secondly, this is a luxury EV, and luxury EVs have a price tag to reflect that. Buying a used Tesla Model 3 saves you the wait time, a ton of money and the steep depreciation you would experience purchasing a new one. With incredible range, tech-savvy features and an exterior that turns heads, the Tesla Model 3 has become a top seller in the used electric vehicle market. 

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf was introduced over a decade ago and is one of the most well-known compact EVs on the market. The standard Nissan Leaf SV has a 40 kWh battery and a 147-horsepower electric engine. It can be charged to its 243 km range in eight hours at home using a Level 2 plug, or it may be charged to 80 percent in 30 minutes using a DC fast charger. With Nissan’s user-friendly technology and great driver aid features, it’s an excellent option for individuals who don’t require long-distance range and don’t want to pay extra for something they don’t need. One thing to keep in mind when buying a used Nissan Leaf is that the battery life on older models can be an issue. Make sure the battery is in good condition or has been replaced if the Leaf you’re looking at is older than 5 years. 

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