How Does Delivery Work?

Our contactless delivery process is tailored to make buying an EV as effortless as possible. Here’s how it works…

1. $500 Deposit

First, we collect a $500 deposit. You can choose to have this refunded after the delivery or put it against the purchase of your EV.

2. Approval and Delivery Date

One of our Customer Experience Specialists will reach out to go over your credit application and set a delivery date that works for you.

3. Vehicle Inspection

Your EV is thoroughly re-inspected for safety.

4. Vehicle Detailing

Your EV is recleaned and detailed inside and out so that the vehicle we deliver is as close to showroom condition as possible.

5. Vin Match Inspection

To ensure your EV matches the description on, we double-check that the options, specs and cosmetic imperfections match what we have advertised.

6. Delivery Confirmation

Our Driver will call you the night before delivery to confirm the time and whether you’d like your EV delivered to your home or workplace.

7. Delivery Courtesy Call

One hour before your delivery time, our Driver will call you to let you know we are on our way.

8. Delivery To Your Door

The moment you’ve been waiting for. Our Driver arrives at your chosen location and unloads your new EV.

9. Walk-Around Vehicle Check

Our Driver will do a walk-around with you to confirm the condition of your EV is as promised.

10. Document Review

Take a seat in your new EV, and our Driver will review the paperwork with you, such as bank contracts, warranty documents, vehicle registration and insurance.

11. Vehicle Demonstration

Our Driver will give you a complete rundown of your EV and demonstrate key features, so you have a good idea of how it works. It’s also a great time to ask any other questions you might have.

12. Final Details

If you have a trade, this is when our Driver will quickly inspect your vehicle and load it into our trailer.

13. Purchase Completion

If you are satisfied and happy with your new EV, our Driver will hand over the keys, and you can start your new adventures in your EV from