Electric Vehicles Inspection & Detailing

It’s a special moment when a vehicle rolls off the transport truck at our reconditioning center. The first time we touch the keys is one of the most important parts of the car’s journey at EVsDirect.com.

Once we tag a key, we carefully confirm the options and kilometres on the vehicle. Then we complete a full visual inspection of the vehicle’s interior and exterior to check for anything we can restore in our reconditioning process (such as paint touch-ups, interior repairs etc).

Once our visual inspection is complete, the vehicle gets dispatched to one of our certified EV Technicians for a full safety check. At EVsDirect.com, our safety standards are higher than the province’s standards.

For example, as a minimum, we double the ministry standard when it comes to brakes and tires.

Our goal is to deliver a product that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

When our EV Technician is satisfied that we have covered every inch of the vehicle, it is then sent out for any sublet work (such as repairing paintwork, replacing a windshield, etc).

This is where we really “shine”. The vehicle goes through our fully equipped detail tunnel. To start, the exterior is washed, including a rim acid treatment, and wheel well cleaning. The vehicle is then moved ahead to the “Dry Bay” where the interior is wiped down and vacuumed, the seats are all spot shampooed if needed, and all windows are cleaned.

Once the interior is complete, we work on the finishing touches on the exterior of the vehicle. After a full dry, we spot buff and polish any minor scratches, apply tire shine, and touch up any small paint defects (such as stone chips). The last step before pictures is adding our classic EVsDirect.com licence plate frame, so our customers can be proud of where they bought their vehicle.

The EV is then rolled into our high-end 4K photo studio, designed solely for vehicles. To give our customers a full visual experience of the vehicle, we detail any normal wear and tear on the interior and exterior and create full 4K 360-degree photos of both interior and exterior.

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