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Apps for EV Drivers looking to Charge

When you own a new or used electric vehicle, charging is not always as simple as pulling into your local gas station and filling up. Most EV drivers will charge at home overnight but what if you live in an apartment where charging stations are limited or even non-existent? Or what if you are planning a road trip that will take you far beyond the comforts of home and your trusty home charging station?

Canada has close to 6,000 public charging stations.

Many are fast charging DC quick chargers (also known as level 3) that can take an EV battery from empty to full in about 25-45 minutes depending on the model. There are many ways to find out where these EV charging stations are in your area or along driving routes, but an increasingly popular way is through smartphone apps. 

Whether in your local area or on a long road trip, the following apps will help you locate a charging station. 


PlugShare is arguably the world’s largest EV driver community. It is a free app and website that lets you find and review charging stations as well as connect with other EV drivers. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can access charging stations around the world on your vehicle’s dashboard screen. You can use the Trip Planner function to find stations along your desired route and bookmark stations that you use regularly. PlugShare also gives you details about what charging plugs the stations support, photos, amenities, real-time availability and user ratings. At some locations, you can even pay with the app.


ChargeHub is a free app and website for EV drivers that lists all the EV charging stations in Canada and the U.S in a live, updated map. You can find electric vehicle charging stations, get directions, and receive notifications for new stations in your area. EV drivers can rate and add comments for other users and get colour-coded, real-time availability from EV charge stations. This app also includes a store where you can browse and buy different brands of home chargers and accessories. ChargeHub works with networks like ChargePoint, Blink (now Car Charging), Tesla, SemaCharge, Sun Country Highway, Electric Circuit, Flo, OPConnect, Greenlots, Aerovironment, and more to ensure the best user experience. 

A Better Routeplanner

A Better Routeplanner is another website with an app for iOS and Android users. You create an account, select your vehicle model and enter your destination to get a full trip plan including charge stops and trip duration. You can also use the app to view maps, search for charging stations, get directions and read user reviews. The basic version of this app is free and includes all the above. If you want the extra fancy stuff like support for multiple vehicles, the ability to share routes and see past trips, live weather forecasts, traffic, and real-time charger availability you need to upgrade. The cost for upgrading is either $6.49 per month or $66.99 per year. 

Other Sources

If these apps aren’t your jam, there are plenty of other options to help you find charging stations. Most, if not all auto brands have downloadable apps for their EV models. If you own a Tesla, you will have the luxury of EV charging stations embedded in your dashboard screen. Individual networks like ChargePoint also have their own apps that show all their charging locations. By summer 2022, most OnRoute locations across Ontario’s 400-series highways will have DC fast chargers thanks to a partnership with Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation and Canadian Tire. 

So, no fear. With so many options to keep your EV juiced up, range anxiety will be a thing of the past. If you’re ready to go electric, check us out at With a huge selection of pre-owned EVs, you’re sure to find the electric vehicle of your dreams.