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Zero-Emission vehicles by 2035, eh? 

There is a lot to be proud of as a Canadian. We have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, we thrive in a diverse and inclusive culture, we’re known for being ridiculously polite and let’s not forget…maple syrup is ours. 

It’s not like Canada is lacking things that make our country great, but last year the Government of Canada added one more thing to the list and the planet will thank us for it.

In the quest to create a more clean and green country that fights climate change and generates more jobs, the Government of Canada has set a directive to cut pollution from all sectors of the economy, including the transportation sector which accounts for one-quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

By 2035, The Government of Canada is mandating that all light-duty cars and passenger trucks sales are zero-emission. This is accelerating the previous goal set for 2040. 

It may seem like a lofty goal but the Government has a plan and with that, the power to make change. The intention is to pursue a combination of investments and regulations to help Canadians and the automotive industry achieve the 100% zero-emission vehicle sales goal by 2035. 

For consumers, Canada is committed to keeping up with incentives that help with the upfront costs associated with zero-emission vehicles including rebates that make purchasing an EV more affordable. Investments into zero-emission charging infrastructure will help Canadians find more alternatives to charging outside the home and will help alleviate the one of the biggest concerns associated with owning an EV, “range anxiety”. 

Partnerships with auto-manufacturers to help re-tool and produce more zero-emission vehicles are also underway. 

So if owning an EV is something you have been thinking about, now is as good a time as ever. The Government of Canada has your back and are you even that surprised? It’s the polite thing to do.