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The Little EV That Just Won’t Quit…The 2022 Nissan Leaf

As one of the auto industry’s first mainstream electric cars, the Nissan Leaf has been around the block. Few electric vehicles have the same seniority as this solid little EV. In the last decade, the Leaf has trailblazed, evolved and stood the test of time despite the growing electrified competition.

The 2022 Nissan Leaf has a significant improvement in range over previous versions. Its sleek, modern design and spacious interior make it a comfortable option for both city and highway driving. Reliable and efficient, the 2022 Nissan Leaf is an excellent choice for those looking to make the switch to electric.

Here are some reasons the 2022 Nissan Leaf might be the perfect EV for you.

Power and Performance

The 2022 Nissan Leaf is available in 4 trims – SV, S Plus, SV Plus and SL Plus. The base model Nissan Leaf SV is powered by a 147-horsepower electric motor and 236 lb-ft of torque. Upgrading to a Leaf Plus model elevates the horsepower to a solid 214 and 250 lb-ft of torque.

Perky but not super punchy, the base model can go 0-100km/h in 7.9 seconds, reaching a top speed of 144km. An e-Pedal feature allows the driver to toggle back and forth between regenerative braking modes. One mode allows the car to coast when the driver lifts off the throttle, and another slows the vehicle when you take your foot off the gas, allowing the Leaf to use that energy to recharge the battery.

Range, Charging, and Battery

The Nissan Leaf has battled a sketchy reputation for not having the best battery performance. Early versions of the Leaf were notorious for having poor battery life, mainly because the battery did not have a thermal management system. The good news is, after a few redesigns, the newer models made after 2016 have significantly lower battery degradation rates and tend to stay between 1-3% in their first year.

Although the battery issues have been fixed, the 2022 Nissan Leaf still has a range that makes you say, “meh.” This EV really serves best as a commuter car rather than a road tripper.

Leaf SV

  • 40 kWh battery
  • 149km range
  • Level 2 Charger – 7.5 hours

Leaf S Plus

  • 62 kWh battery
  • 226km range
  • Level 2 Charger – 11.5 hours

Leaf SV Plus & SL Plus

  • 62 kWh battery
  • 217km range
  • Level 2 Charger –  11.5 hours

Level 3 DC fast chargers provide the shortest charging time, fully charging your LEAF in 40-60 minutes, depending on your battery capacity.

Interior and Cargo Space

Surprisingly spacious, the Leaf’s interior can seat five, and the rear seats provide plenty of room for adults to ride comfortably. Despite lots of plastic, Nissan has done a great job combining innovative design and different textures to prevent it from looking cheap.

The gauge cluster showcases an analog speedometer, and all Leaf models come standard with an 8-inch infotainment display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included, but navigation is optional. If you like your tunes, you might be disappointed with the base model’s 6-speaker audio system. However, if you buy the SL or SV or SL Plus model, you will get a much better eargasm with a 7-speaker Bose system.

The Nissan Leaf is among the best in its class for cargo room. You can easily fit seven carry-ons behind the back seats, and although the rear seats don’t lay completely flat to the floor, there is still enough room for 19 carry-ons when you fold them.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Priding itself on safety, Nissan’s Safety Shield 360 delivers a suite of driver-assistance and safety features. Key safety features include:

  • automated emergency braking
  • pedestrian detection
  • blind-spot monitoring
  • rear cross-traffic alert

Upgrading to a Leaf Plus model gives you added features like:

  • adaptive cruise control
  • semi-autonomous driving mode

Overall, the 2022 Nissan Leaf is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a dependable, classic electric commuter car. If a Nissan Leaf sounds like your kind of ride, check us out at With a great selection of quality preowned electric vehicles, we might have the perfect used Nissan Leaf for you. Every used electric vehicle we sell goes through a rigorous 150-point inspection, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted surprises. Browse from the comfort of your home and have the EV of your dreams delivered right to your door. Drive Clean, Drive Green. Your Electric Vehicle, Delivered.