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Tesla’s Ho Ho Holiday Update

If you own a Tesla, you know one of the greatest things ever is the software updates. Whether it’s a cool tech update or a new hidden “easter egg,” Tesla ensures you are never bored when you own one of their electric vehicles. One of the most anticipated software revamps this year is the 2022 Tesla Holiday Update.

There are quite a few sweet gifts to open with this update so let’s dig in and start tearing the wrapping paper off some of these new features that are said to be coming to the Tesla App.

Interior Camera

After a ton of requests from owners, Tesla is activating the interior camera to be used with Dog Mode and Sentry Mode. Enabling the camera allows you to check on your precious fur babies from wherever you may be. Like Live Sentry, this feature requires a Premium Connectivity subscription, and it won’t be able to record (for privacy reasons).

Rainbow Road

If you have kids that love Mario Kart, or if you are a video game enthusiast, an old-time favourite, Rainbow Road, is getting an update. This update means Rainbow Road can always be set to display when you activate Autopilot.

Light Show Control

You will no longer have to search high and low to find the amazing Tesla Light Show. With this new Holiday Update, you can activate this fan favourite right from the app. It’s rumoured that a New Year’s song is included along with the standard Carol of Bells. Starting the Light Show from the app is more convenient and fun, especially if you are a Christmas nerd and like to use your Tesla as part of your outdoor Christmas decorations.

MyQ – WiFi Garage Door Opener

This new feature uses WiFi to open, close and monitor your garage doors. If you don’t already have the myQ mobile app, you’ll need to create an account and connect it to your Tesla through the QR code it generates on the in-car display. Before you get too excited, it looks like MyQ will charge a fee for this integration. However, if this is an application that will save the day for you, a small fee might not be a big deal.

Auto Turn Signals

Tesla will automatically turn off the turn signal when a “lane change, branch or merge is complete.”

Tesla Emission Increase (Farts)

If you have a sense of humour, this is the update you’ve been waiting for. Like the Light Show, you can now access Emissions Mode, also known as farting, from the app. This update means you can quickly and easily activate the Emissions Mode and play your favourite fart sounds to people walking by your Tesla. It looks like the sounds will be coming from the Pedestrian Warning System speaker, so this feature may be limited to EVs with the external speaker installed.

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