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Study Shows Babies and Toddlers Fall Asleep Faster in an EV

If you’re a parent, you know. When a baby is fussy, won’t stop crying or is generally in a grumpy mood, the BEST trick in the book is to strap them in and go for a drive. If you own a new or used electric vehicle, you may just have a leg up on other parents with gas-powered cars.

According to new research from Citroën UK, parents who have switched to electric, plug-in hybrid, or hybrid vehicles say their new emission-conscious cars are more effective in helping lull their young ones to sleep than their previous fuel-powered vehicles.

A study of 2,000 UK parents with babies and young children showed…

  • 56.4% of those owning an electric vehicle found it either as easy or easier for their child to nod off in their current car (compared to previously owned petrol or diesel cars).
  • 11.9% said an electric vehicle made sleeping harder for their children.
  • 15.8% were unsure either way.
  • 44% said they had specifically taken their child on a short car journey to help them fall asleep.

Citroën’s research also revealed that a car is an effective sleep aid. The data showed that, on average, it takes a child 16.5 minutes to fall asleep in a car, with 96% of parents saying their child typically falls asleep in under half an hour.

Factors parents found most beneficial for sleeping babes in cars…

  • 46% gentle movements of the vehicle on the road
  • 41% a comfortable temperature
  • 40% a comfortable car seat

“For new parents, getting their baby off to sleep is often a challenge,” Citroën UK managing director Eurig Druce explains. “Taking a child for a short drive in a car is a tried and tested method for many parents, and our research shows it can help younger children fall asleep quicker than at home.”

Citroën conducted testing in the Citroën ë-C4 crossover, one of three fully electric models on the French brand’s fleet alongside the ë-Berlingo van and the ë-SpaceTourer minibus. Further electric and hybrid options, alongside the nine already on its line-up, are set to be introduced by Citroën before 2025.

“The smooth and silent drive from electric vehicles creates an even more calming environment for children and parents alike,” Druce continues. “Citroën is committed to offering an electrified variant of every vehicle in the range by 2025. So, everyone can rest assured, our models will continue to provide a calm and relaxing experience for the whole family for many years to come.”

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