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Is an Electric Vehicle Right for me? 

Climate change is upon us. Communities, companies and individuals are shifting the way they think and do business. As human beings on this planet, it’s our responsibility to be thoughtful about our carbon footprint and how we move through this life. The simple mantra, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is just not enough anymore to make an impact on our struggling planet. 

Electric Vehicles are the future

With most countries setting mandates to phase out sales of gas-powered vehicles in the next decade or so, it’s inevitable that we will all be driving EVs at some point. For some, it’s an easy choice to drive electric but for many of us, electric vehicles are still just a thing of the future. Understanding the benefits of driving a new or used electric vehicle is important especially if you’re on the fence about whether EVs are right for you. 

There is an Electric Vehicle for everyone

There are so many choices out there as more and more electric vehicles make their way into the market. Whether it’s a budget electric car lease, a top-of-the-line luxury EV or a gently used electric vehicle, there is an EV out there to suit all driver’s needs and budgets. 

Reasons to Drive Electric Vehicles

Charge wherever

  • You have the freedom to charge at home or on the go. Charging stations can be found almost anywhere these days including community centers, shopping mall parking lots and gas stations.
  • Smartphone apps like PlugShare and ChargeHub make it easy to find available charging stations in any area.
  • It’s easy to have a home charging station fitted at your home but every EV can be plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet.

Low Running Cost

  • Electric cars are extremely affordable to run
  • Tesla owners charge for free at any Tesla charging station around the world
  • With fewer moving parts, EVs require less maintenance which means cheaper repairs.

Increasing Availability of Pre-Owned Electric Vehicles

  • Early adopters of electric vehicles are trading up for new ones creating a surplus of used electric vehicles available at a reduced cost
  • When you buy a used EV, you’re helping the environment even more than if you bought a new one.

Reduce Emissions

  • Driving a new or used EV dramatically reduces your carbon footprint
  • Electric vehicles don’t use gas or diesel so they don’t emit any greenhouse gases
  • Vehicle emissions are destroying our planet and are seriously harmful to our health.

These are just a few of the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. If you are ready to “plug in”, EVS DIRECT can help get you behind the wheel of the EV that’s right for you. Check us out at Drive Clean. Drive Green. You’re Electric Vehicle Delivered.