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The Perfect Blend of Style, Space and Performance…The Tesla Model Y

The electric crossover SUV landscape has grown substantially in the last few years. Whether it’s a growing family, an active lifestyle or you just like something a little bigger than a sedan, crossovers are the perfect in-between vehicle for many. 

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s mid-sized SUV follow-up to the highly successful Tesla Model 3 and comes in a Performance or Long Range trim. Built with families in mind, the 2022 Tesla Model Y boasts a spacious interior and has room for up to seven with optional third-row seats. It isn’t as “sports utility” looking as some of its competitors, but if you’re the kind of person who favours style and clean lines over beefy wheels and roof racks, the Tesla Model Y might just be your jam.

Power and Performance

The 2022 Tesla Model Y is an all-wheel-drive crossover EV powered by two independent electric motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels. These motors put out 384 horsepower, which can take this family-sized EV from 0-100km in 4.8 seconds (Long Range Model) or 3.5 seconds (Performance model). Because it is AWD, The Model Y can handle rain, snow, mud and off-roading with amazing stability and traction.

If we say anything negative, it would be that the Model Y handling isn’t as sharp as the Tesla Model 3. It is mainly due to its higher center of gravity, but that’s pretty standard with most SUVs.

Range, Battery and Charging

The Tesla Model Y comes in two trims; Performance and Long Range. Both models have ranges that rival any other EV crossover SUV on the market. The Performance model has a range of 488km, and the Long Range has a range of 531km. As with all Teslas, you can take advantage of the Tesla supercharger network giving you about 261km of range in 15 minutes. Charging a Model Y with a level 2 charger takes about 8 hours for a full charge.

Interior and Cargo

The inside of the Tesla Model Y is clean, modern and incredibly spacious. The all-glass roof extends from the windshield, giving the interior lots of headroom and an airy feel. Like the Model 3, the Model Y is mainly free of buttons and relies mostly on a 15-inch touchscreen centred on the dashboard. This screen controls everything from climate control to the 14-speaker immersive sound system. Entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and a host of video games are available and perfect to keep you busy while you wait for your Tesla to charge. These apps are locked out for safety and to prevent distractions while the vehicle is moving.

The Tesla Model Y is the most spacious electric compact crossover in its class. With the rear seats folded down, there are 2,041 litres of space. Add another 117 litres in the frunk (front trunk), and you have a whopping 2,158 litres of cargo space for skis, furniture, luggage and more.

Bonus…If you haven’t heard of Tesla’s easter eggs, you’re in for a treat. To incorporate a little humour into the Model Y, Tesla has a whoopee cushion feature that can change the sound of the turning blinkers to, well, farting sounds. This feature and other easter eggs can be accessed through the touchscreen.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Safety is the most important part of every Tesla, and the Model Y is no exception. The Model Y received the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, with top ratings in all crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories. Along with its rigid structure and impact-protected body, the Tesla Model Y makes driving easy and safe.

Key safety features include:

  • Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist
  • Standard adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode

For an additional cost, you can equip your Tesla Model Y with Enhanced Autopilot. It allows you to…

  • Navigate on Autopilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Autopark
  • Summon
  • Smart Summon

You can equip your Tesla Model Y with Full Self-Driving Capability for a higher additional cost. It gives you…

  • All functionality of Basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot
  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

The Tesla Model Y is an all-around great crossover for anyone looking for a perfect blend of style and functionality. If you are as excited as we are about this EV, check us out at With a great selection of quality pre-owned electric vehicles, we might have the perfect used Tesla Model Y for you. Browse from the comfort of your home and have the EV of your dreams delivered right to your door. Drive Clean, Drive Green. Your Electric Vehicle, Delivered.