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Save money, buy used. Where to buy a quality pre-owned EV.

So you’ve embraced the future of electric. Whether it’s the environment, the high price of gas or just the sheer cool factor of owning an EV, you’ve decided clean and green is the way to go. You’ve taken an even bigger step into planet-saving by choosing to buy a used EV which is basically the ultimate in recycling. There are many options when it comes to buying a pre-owned EV. Much like any used fuel-powered vehicles, car dealers, private sellers and online auto merchants are abundant, each with its own set of pros and cons. 

Private sellers

This is usually the cheapest way to go. With no dealer markups and commissions to pay, buying privately can potentially save you a lot of cash on the initial purchase of a used EV. Buying privately also gives you direct access to the current owner to ask questions about the history of the vehicle. However, even though the manufacturer warranty might transfer to you, there won’t be any other warranties or money-back guarantees. And unless you pay for your own inspection, there’s no guarantee that the EV you’re considering will come without problems that you weren’t aware of.

Used Car Dealers

Anytime you go to a dealership, whether it’s new, used or both, it’s going to be more expensive than going private. There is a staff that need to get paid, salespeople that need to make a commission and dealers that want to make a profit. Often there is no prior history of the used EVs in stock and general knowledge of EVs could be limited. On the flip side, a dealer may have more choices available and might be able to offer a limited warranty. 

Certified Used

Buying a certified used EV from a manufacturer dealership is the most expensive route to take but can alleviate a lot of stress and potential buyer’s remorse. Pre-owned certified EVs from a manufacturer dealership will have low km’s, clean titles and will have undergone a proper inspection. Most will also come with a money-back guarantee and the rest of the original warranty. You still have to work with commission-paid salespeople and battle the upsells but if you love a good negotiation and have the cash to spare it can be a good way to go. 

Online Electric Vehicle Retailer

Companies like are a newer concept and involve a process that is 100% online. You can literally shop from the comfort of your home and browse tons of used EVs without having the added pressure of a salesperson or private seller trying to make a deal. You still get the benefits of a clean title and a full 150-point inspection but without the middleman, commissions, or annoying fees. The pricing is competitive and transparent which means the price you see is really the price you pay. Not only that, but companies like deliver your gently used EV right to your door so you never even have to leave the house. Companies like also offer a 10-day money-back guarantee so you can make sure the EV you chose is 100% right for you. 

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